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DSI UniLite Universal...
Composites and Restorative Products

DSI UniLite Universal Composite Restoration Kit

DSI UniLite Universal Restoration Composite KIT 5x Unilite Composite 4g Each (1xA1, 2x A2, 1x A3, 1x A3.5) 1x Unilite Flow A2 2ml 1x UniEtch Gel 4ml 1x DSI S7 Bonding 5ml 1xMixing Pad 10x Microbrushes 10x Tips
HDI Denu Universal...
Composites and Restorative Products

HDI Denu Universal Composite Restoration Kit

HDI Denu Composite Universal Restoration Kit Composition: • Composite Resin – 2 syringes X 4gr (A2 A3). • Etch-37 – 1 syringe X 3ml , 2 tips. • Bonding – 1 bottle X 5ml.
HDI Denu Restoration...
Composites and Restorative Products

HDI Denu Restoration Universal Composite Kit

HDI DENU Restorative Composite Kit Composition:8 composites X4gr:1x A14x A22x A31x B21x Denu bond 5ml1x Denu etch 3mlAccessories
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