DSI Plastic Castable Anatomic...
DSI Plastic Castable Anatomic...
DSI Plastic Castable Anatomic...

DSI Plastic Castable Anatomic Straight Abutment 1-4mm


DSI Plastic Castable Abutment – Anatomic Straight

Select Collar 1mm/2mm/3mm/4mm

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Acetal Burnout UCLA Plastic (Delrin)

DSI UCLA Burn-out Abutments are used in a laboratory for fabrication of implant level custom multi-unit splinted cast frameworks, a single part or/and full part restorations.

DSI UCLA Burn-out Abutments are produced the for high-quality surface finish on cast items.

DSI UCLA Burn-out Abutments melts during the burnout cycle, allowing it to melt out of the investment without leaving any residue at all.

The plastic material we use in our abutments is perfect for producing highly accurate and detailed full partials for direct investment casting. It is also possible to produce multiple unit bridges with a perfect fit.

DSI UCLA Burn-out Abutments can compensate the dimensional changes that occur during the casting investment, including setting shrinkage/expansion of the casting investment.

These abutments are hex designed, so they will not rotate, will give you a strong grip and will stay stationary till the burn-out sequence is completed, leaving you a perfect fitted abutment

Field of use
Restoration Type
Regular/Standard Ø3.75-4.2mm
Castable Abutment
100 Items


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