DSI Conical Connection Peek Angulated...

DSI Conical Connection Peek Angulated 15°Abutment NP Ø3.5mm


DSI Dental Conical Connection Peek Angulated 15° Anatomic Abutment Narrow Platform

Height 9.0mm/10.0mm/11.0

Collar 1-3mm

Screw included

Collar Height

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Compatible with Nobel Active and similar conical connection systems like DESS, Implant Direct, ADIN A.B etc.

DSI wants to introduce a genuine new CC Straight Anatomic PEEK Abutment that is developed to fit perfectly with Nobel active conical connection implant system.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutment has a unique cone collar shape that adapts to a gingival tissue making a perfect marginal seal and a solid abutment to implant connection. This cone shape also preserves the tissues and advances the healing process.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutment (polyetheretherketone) is a high-grade thermoplastic polymer abutment.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments are biocompatible, aesthetic and feature a natural tooth-color appearance for improved esthetics. They also have low electrical conductivity and well suited for use in the oral cavity. These abutments have a great resistance to any bacteria or microorganism, and their color does not fade away till they been changed to a permanent abutment.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments are the best solution for the full mouth scanning because they do not hold any metal elements and the scanning goes smooth and steady. Unlike any other metal abutments that give you an endless interference and should be taken care with a special scan sprays before the beginning of any scanning.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments are made for the fabrication of short-term provisional crowns. They enable clinicians to guide the soft tissue during the healing process, creating a natural emergence profile.

Although the DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments have high mechanical strength, they still can easily be shaped with dental burs, thanks to the special microstructure.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments give you a secure fit minimizes micromovements and protects the implant crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments are characterized by a superior combination of strength, elasticity, and resilience similar to Titanium.

DSI CC Angulated Anatomic PEEK Abutments are compatible with Nobel Active System and they are presented in a narrow platform

Field of use
Restoration Type
PEEK (polyetheretherketone)
Conical Connection NP Ø3.5mm
Angulated abutment
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