DSI Conical Straight Castable Chrome...
DSI Conical Straight Castable Chrome...
DSI Conical Straight Castable Chrome...
DSI Conical Straight Castable Chrome...

DSI Conical Straight Castable Chrome Cobalt Abutment RP Ø4.3-5.0mm


DSI UCLA Dental Conical Straight UCLA Rotation Abutment Regular Platform

1 pcs Conical UCLA Regular Platform Rotation Abutment select Hex/Non-Hex

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DSI Ucla Castable Chrome Cobalt Rotational Abutment Conical Connection Nobel Active RP

Compatible with Nobel Active and similar conical connection systems like DESS, Implant Direct, ADIN A.B etc. DSI new CC Chrome Cobalt Castable Abutment is developed to fit perfectly with Nobel active conical connection implant system.

DSI CC Chrome Cobalt Castable Abutment has a unique cone collar shape that adapts to a gingival tissue making a perfect marginal seal and a solid abutment to implant connection. This cone shape also preserves the tissues and advances the healing process.

DSI CC Chrome Cobalt Castable Abutments gives you a secure fit minimizes micromovements and protects the implant crestal zone from oral cavity clutter penetration.

DSI CC Chrome Cobalt Castable Abutment dramatically increases your lab’s productivity and profitability in the fast-growing implant marketplace with patient-specific needs. Digitally created and precision milled Cobalt Chrome castable plastic abutments handles a wide variety of major implant systems.

The Chrome Cobalt castable abutment consists of a prefabricated, cobalt-chrome, nickel-free alloy base, a plastic modeling sleeve, and a fixing screw. Unlike Titanium base abutments this specific abutment fits perfectly to the implant and a castable part and press-fitted metal base so the connection between the final parts ensures a perfect fit.

DSI CC Chrome Cobalt Castable Abutments designed a one-piece monoblock which eliminates any weakness that might have been caused by soldering or laser welded joints. Superstructures can be fabricated without any of the stresses or distortions that might have occurred during the casting process.

DSI CoCr castable abutments exhibit ideal load transfer and long-term stability. This allows for a strong, accurate and stable restoration which prevent from breaking ceramics while firing it, also it is biocompatible and easy to remove for cleaning.

DSI CoCr castable abutments give the technician maximum flexibility for customized contouring of the abutment and gingival emergence profile in accordance with individual requirements. It is suitable for cement-retained as well as screw-retained restorations thanks to the 100% compatibility with the Chrome Cobalt.

These abutments enable prosthetic restorations even in the case where usual system abutments cannot be used – as is in too deep soft tissue, an incorrectly aligned anti-rotation element, individual requirements for abutment angulation or emergence profile.

DSI conical connection chrome cobalt abutments are compatible with Nobel Active  For more versatility and simplicity an industry standard hexagonal abutment driver 1.25mm is used for insertion. High torque up to 35Ncm can be applied to tightening the screw(recommended by Nobel)


  • Chrome Cobalt alloy CoCr is designed to provide a reliable and affordable casting compound for long-term durability.
  • This is the most common metal in dentistry so there is no need to change your workflow for these abutments because it is based on the alloy melting temperature, corrosion resistance ability, along with its compatibility and mechanical properties which provide the metal special abilities.
  • Its unique design consists of a CoCr base which fit for every casting and molding much better than any other metal element.
Field of use
Restoration Type
Chrome Cobalt
Conical Connection RP Ø4.3-5.0mm
Castable Abutment
Straight abutment
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