Licryl Cast Full Restoration Acrylic...
Licryl Cast Full Restoration Acrylic...
Licryl Cast Full Restoration Acrylic...

Licryl Cast Full Restoration Acrylic Denture Base Cold Pressure Resin


Licryl Cast - Acrylic Cold Self Pressure Cast Resin for manufacturing full casts

1000gr powder + 1000ml liquid material

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Licryl Cast is an acrylic cold pressure denture base material with excellent quality and superior workability.

The universal pink veined color makes this denture base material perfect for manufacturing press form denture casts restorations and giving them more natural and aesthetic look.

Licryl Cast is very tough and has a high level of color stability that will not vain in a long period of time. Thanks to the pressurize technique it became very durable.

With Licryl cast material, your work will be easier than ever. The material has outstanding workability and it is very easy for any polishing method. 

Licryl Cast is nonsticky, it will not crumble to pieces under stress work, will stay in the right shape which makes the Licryl Cast a perfect solution on your daily routine basis.

Licryl Cast is a powder and liquid cold curing denture base material for the fabrication of complete and partial dentures in a press form.  Can be cast and modeled. After the mixing process for approximately 3 minutes, the modeling time takes another 3 minutes. The polymerization takes place under pressure of 2-3 Mpa within 7 minutes.

When hardens the material became very durable and resistant to light impacts, scratches, deformations of any kind. The ready material is much stronger than any cold self-cure.


  •     Self-curing under pressure and provides long-term use and stable color results.
  •     Very hard and durable, which allows easier polishing and trimming afterward.
  •     Matches the patient's intraoral shade (Pink veined) for greater acceptance.
  •     Quick time set in approximately 13 minutes under pressure.
  •     Excellent compressive and flexural strength.
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