DSI Analog Technical Handle Screw Driver
DSI Analog Technical Handle Screw Driver
DSI Analog Technical Handle Screw Driver

DSI Analog Technical Handle Screw Driver


DSI Dental Implant Internal Hex Hand Analog For Abutment stability Check

Hex 2.42mm

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Tired of regular analog in a model method, where you need to hold the model in your hands while trying to screw the abutment into the analog for checking it for stability?

Is it not enough that you have made a custom abutment for a patient? You also have to work now with a non-handy model in your hands and spend your precious time on getting it into the analog. If you had enough of that here is your key to success.

DSI hand analog make your work easier in a way you can only imagine, no more wasting time, no more non-handy models, no more messy and hard work.

DSI hand analog do it in one single step, take the abutment or a healing cap, custom abutment that you have just made, and just screw it in our analog, it is a matter of seconds and lets not forget that the analog is long and made with grip stripes on it, so you can hold it tight and enjoy working with it.

Let us not forget that you may need to work on the abutment in order to shape it, and once again there is our hand analog that gives you the solution because now you can insert the abutment into it and work on as you like without strain yourself.

DSI hand analog can be used not only by a lab technician, but a dentist can also use it as well before insertion it to a patient's mouth you can check it to be one hundred percent sure that it will be stable in the implant.

DSI hand analog made of high-quality stainless steel and have the universal 2.42 internal hex connection, a must-have tool for every day's work.

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Stainless Steel
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