Morelli Crimpable split Hooks...
Morelli Crimpable split Hooks...
Morelli Crimpable split Hooks...

Morelli Crimpable split Hooks Straight Ball Tip Bi-Directional


Morelli Crimpable split Hooks Orthodontic Straight Universal Ball Tip Bi-Directional 10pcs

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Crimpable Hooks are used for two purposes - to add an elastic hook on the nearby wire, when lacking on the bracket or to reactivate compressed open coil

The second purpose is more wise and popular decision:

The coil is compressed and the hook is squeezed onto the archwire. 

The hook (a stop does not have a hook) helps in handling and may be cut off or bent to the side after placement, if annoying to the patient. 

We recommend using a Mathieu Plier or Weingart Plier; both have serrations on the tips to handle split hooks. 

Hooks are available in sizes for the round or rectangular wire. The current lot fits all sizes up to 0.22 diameter

Please pay attention, that utilizing the split hook for elastic attachment to the archwire could provide disappointing results because the hook could either move or fall off. If these are used for elastic attachment to the archwire, we suggest making it soldered. 

Split Stops (no hook, otherwise the same) are also used for spacing purposes. Leaving off the hook makes attachment more comfortable for the patient, but is more difficult for the clinician to place.

Package includes 10 hooks

Stainless Steel
100 Items

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