HDI Denu BiteSil Bite Registration...
HDI Denu BiteSil Bite Registration...

HDI Denu BiteSil Bite Registration VPS Impression Material 50ml


HDI Denu Bite Sil VPS Cartridge 50 ml

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Denu Bite Sil impression material has a light mousse consistency that stays exactly where you put it without slumping when injected onto an occlusal surface.

• Do not compress or flex upon mounting.

• Easy handling and placement, Outstanding accuracy.

• Very hard, No distortion.

• Useful as a quick die for temporary inlays and onlays.

• Fast and easy to trim.

• Dual port cartridge prevents clogs and cross-contamination between base and catalyst.

• Very Fast Set formula, work for 20 seconds and sets in 30 seconds.

• Light mousse consistency with minimal resistance to closure.

• Less expensive than the leading bite materials.

Field of use
Dental Impression/Negative Imprint
Mixing Type
Impression Materials Type
Bite Regestration
Vinyl Polysiloxane
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