Removing a broken screw from an implant can be difficult. Fractured screws generally are challenging to retrieve.

Once an implant screw has fractured, it poses a serious risk, as it can prevent the implant from functioning properly. Removing a broken implant screw often presents a major challenge to a dental professional. 

The Broken Screw Extractor Kit is the optimal solution that can be used with any implant brand or connection.  

The kit contains all the instruments necessary to easily remove a fractured screw without causing damage to the implant. Preserving the internal structure of the implant intact is important to keep its restorability.


  • Applicable to all implant brands and connections
  • Facilitates simple broken screw removal
  • Includes all the necessary instruments
  • No damage to the implant 

The Broken Screw Extractor Kit contains:

  • Claw Reamer Bur
  • Reverse Cutting Bur
  • Manual Extractor
  • Centering Device

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