In the modern dentistry, the quality of the implant-based therapy is measured not only by the successful osseointegration of the titanium fixture in the patients bone tissue but also by striving to achieve both identical and stable tissue like the gingiva encompassing the adjacent teeth.

Key role inadequate long term post-implantation results, that manifest in proper osseointegration and gingiva restoration, is embedded in decent three-dimensional implant placement and professional understanding of prosthetic management.

Using transmucosal concave abutments, we're able to let the connective tissue heal with minimum interruption, and due to the abutments narrow pillar shape, a larger portion of tissue is formed around the abutment, lending us the opportunity to manipulate the formed gingiva when placing a prosthetic.

Specially designed for all stages of restoration, all parts obtain the same concave emergence profile, allowing the clinician to replace the parts according to the treatment phase. Eliminating the necessity to adjust the prosthetic parts during the treatment, thus preventing unnecessary alterations and additional damage to the gingiva.

For conclusion, Concave Anatomic Abutments achieve a strong and relentless cohesion with the implant. Create an optimal emergence profile and a tight marginal seal, that protects the implant's crestal zone.

DSI Dental Solutions offers a wide range of concave abutments, ranging from healing caps to straight & angulated abutments, and Ti-Base's, that will ensure a pleasing highly aesthetic result, allowing the gingiva to grow in a proper manner around its neck.

Made from highest titanium grade alloy 5, with a special coating, possess a higher surface scratch resistance and lower friction.

DSI Emergence Shape Anatomic Concave Abutments

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