The DSI company has chosen the mission to boost the quality of life of the patients by creating the highest quality, reliable products, carefully thought-out down to the last detail. DSI Orange Line offers a beneficial combination of uncompromising quality and advanced design, including all new trends:

  • Strong&Solid Morse Taper Conical-Hex NobelActive® Compatible Connection
  • Anatomic Tapered Body Core & Back Tapered Coronal Shape Narrow Core Apex
  • Reverse Cutting Double Divergent Threads Helical Apico-coronal Slots
  • Bone Condensing Lower Zone with Directional Change Ability.

To ensure a secure fit between abutment and implant DSI Orange Line implant system offers a stable conical connection with hexagonal interlocking, providing proven benefits. It possesses superior mechanical stability, minimizes micromovements between implant and superstructure, reduces the risk of biomechanical complications, and eliminates potential bone loss.

DSI Orange Line implants are suited for immediate placement and immediate loading. DSI Orange Line implants are made of Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V ELI Titanium for enhanced strength, fracture toughness, and fatigue resistance.

This material has a proven capability to integrate almost completely with the bone. Moreover, all DSI Orange Line implants pass the fully automated no-touch SLA surface treatment to increase the surface roughness on both macro and micro level, allowing cells to proliferate and adhere to the implant surface. This results in accelerated and enhanced process of osseointegration. The mechanical stability of the implant is greatly improved, maximizing the successful and long-term outcomes of the treatment. Furthermore, studies have shown that conical connection implants treated with the SLA technique promote excellent peri-implant soft tissue health, reducing the risk of developing peri-implantitis and demonstrate exceptionally high implant survival rate.

Anatomic tapered body core & coronal design provide maximum alveolar bone volume and improved soft tissue support. The slightly tapered body with cutting double divergent threads ensure gradual bone condensing and high initial stability even in compromised bone situations and allow faster and easier implant placement. The directional change ability ensures adjustable implant orientation during manual insertion for optimal final placement. DSI Orange Line implants also feature prosthetic flexibility for implant level and abutment restorations. It exhibits striking clinical success and outstanding performance, even in most challenging situations. 

DSI Orange Line Conical Connection Nobelactive Implant

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