DSI 3D resins enable you to take full advantage of the benefits 3D printing presents.  

DSI Surgical Guide 3D Resin was specifically formulated to produce biocompatible, translucent, autoclavable 3D printed surgical guides, that facilitate precise, fast and efficient surgeries with more predictable outcomes and higher success rate. 

By improving accuracy, the 3D printed surgical guides promote optimal placement of the implant. They also shorten surgery time and reduce stress and trauma for the patients. 

Exceptional clarity of the material offers enhanced visibility and together with high dimensional stability gives you complete control over the procedure.

DSI Surgical Guide 3D Resin possesses high flexural strength, making the material resistant to breakage, fracture and distortion. 

Complete safety for intraoral use is ensured by biocompatibility, absence of harmful monomers, odor or fumes. 

DSI Surgical Guide 3D Resin demonstrates unmatched combination of unbeatable accuracy, quality and performance for improved patient experience. 


  • Biocompatibility ensures safety for patients
  • Translucent for optimal visibility 
  • Autoclavable
  • High flexural strength
  • Breakage resistant
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Heat resistant
  • Low shrinkage
  • No odor, fumes or harmful monomers

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