DSI PureSponge is a soft and white,  absorbable collagen material. Due to the inherent  hemostatic properties of collagen, DSI PureSponge effectively controls bleeding and accelerates healing process. This hemostatic agent is a nontoxic,  coherent, nonfriable sponge-like product. It has a porous and pliable structure.  

DSI PureSponge is highly absorbent, and can hold fluids many times its own weight.

When placed, DSI PureSponge absorbs blood and wound exudates, and provides a matrix for strengthening the blood clot. When in contact with blood, the collagen activates the intrinsic pathway of the coagulation cascade, thus accelerating clot formation. DSI PureSponge also protects the wound bed from further injury.

Dental patients on blood thinners require special precautions, as such medications can lead to complications during oral surgery. DSI PureSponge is particularly  effective in such cases.


  • stabilizes blood clot
  • highly absorbent
  • activates the coagulation mechanism
  • easy to manipulate
  • promotes wound healing
  • protects oral wounds
  • available in 3 convenient shapes for various needs

The applications include:

  • biopsy procedures
  • filling tissue voids at extraction sites
  • periodontal defects
  • subantral augmentation
  • sinus graft containment
  • alveolar ridge defects
  • socket grafting
  • Schneiderian membrane tears
  • Periodontal GBR
  • soft tissue recontouring

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