DSI ORC (oxidized regenerated cellulose) line of hemostats facilitates safe and effective hemostasis, playing an important role in management of bleeding in surgical procedures.

DSI ORC hemostat is a sterile, absorbable plant-derived biomaterial that accelerates hemostasis by acting as a scaffold for platelet adhesion and aggregation and inducing rapid clot formation.


  • Plant-derived
  • Completely absorbable
  • Bactericidal
  • Does not stick to gloves or surgical instruments
  • Low pH
  • Available in multiple formats

DSI Sponge ORC Fibril is ideally suitable to use for irregular surfaces, offering versatile applications and excellent adherence capacity. 

Precise placement is ensured by lightweight, easily separated layers.   

The unique structure of DSI Sponge ORC Fibril allows to create any shape, size, or thickness to fulfill the exact demand in every case.


  • Allows precise placement
  • Versatile applications
  • Lightweight layers
  • Ideal for irregular wound sites
  • Activates in larger surfaces
  • 7 layers fibril lose fabric
  • Exceptional handling characteristics
  • Customizable to suit every need - can be used in any shape, size, thickness

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