Dry socket is a severely painful and common complication followed by tooth extraction. 

DSI Alvo-G is a self-eliminating paste ideal for dry socket treatment and as a post-extraction dressing material. It acts as a physical barrier, forming a solid framework for the tissue regeneration, preventing contamination of the bone walls.

Its unique formula includes natural components (propolis & beeswax).  The propolis offers multiple benefits by providing anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial actions, and aiding in faster healing. 

DSI Alvo-G rapidly eases initial pain and also shows a long-lasting pain relief effect. 

The paste is exceptionally easy to apply due to its fibrous consistency.  Only observation by a dental specialist is necessary after the placement with no need for suturing, thus requiring fewer appointments. 

The presence of iodoform facilitates the cell growth and the formation of granulation tissue, also demonstrating mild antiseptic and astringent effects.

The eugenol-free composition eliminates the risk of irritation of the alveolar tissue. 

DSI Alvo-G promotes and accelerates the healing process, allowing the patient to resume normal everyday activities as fast as possible. It is a safe and effective solution to the dry socket condition.

DSI Alvo-G iodoform-free paste is also available for patients with hypersensitivity to iodine.

DSI Alvo-G is available with or without propolis. 

DSI Alvo-G Surgical Dry Socket Post Extraction Paste


safe and effective

quick and long-lasting pain relief

easy placement 

promotes healing

acts as a moldable alveolar drain plug

controls hemostasis

available with a unique natural component – propolis


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