DSI Ball Attachment Connector is the natural step towards next generation overdenture solutions! 

DSI Ball Attachment Connector opens up new possibilities enabling you to cater for your clients’ individual needs. 

The exclusive solution allows you to transform screw-fixed restorations into removable ball-retained overdentures with astonishing ease. 

DSI Ball Attachment Connector is compatible with straight and angulated multi-unit abutments.  

The standard ball size of 2.5mm provides uniformity for your convenience.  

DSI Ball Attachment Connector represents a major evolution to state-of-the-art modular design. 

Upgrade your dental practice by taking advantage of existing multi-unit systems and the intelligent configuration of the DSI Ball Attachment Connector


  • Standard ball size of 2.5mm
  • Supports both straight and angulated multi-unit abutment systems
  • Convert to detachable ball-retained overdenture with remarkable ease
  • Excellent solution for provisional prosthesis
  • Intelligent design for flexibility and simplicity
  • Durability guaranteed by the Ti6Al4V-ELI titanium alloy

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