DSI Dental amalgam is one of the most versatile restorative materials that is used to fill carious defects in teeth. The alloy is renowned for its reliable performance in load bearing situations, outstanding longevity, and attractive price. In terms of cost, there is still no adequate alternative to DSI dental amalgam.  

DSI Dental Amalgam is an effective, durable treatment for caries. It demonstrates superb compressive strength and strong resistance to wear with minimal dimensional change over time. In addition, it can easily withstand the dramatic temperature changes in the oral environment. 

DSI Dental Amalgam also features easy handling and low technique sensitivity. 

DSI Dental Amalgam is comprised of silver, copper, tin and mercury which binds them together into a strong and stable substance. 

DSI Dental Amalgam is a safe material with unmatched physical characteristics and striking clinical success. 

Alloy Composition: 45.5% Ag, 31.5% Sn, 23% Cu. High Copper, Non-Zinc.

DSI Dental Amalgam Restoration Cavity Filling Material Decay Tooth Repair



Pouched mercury

Works with any amalgamator

High compressive strength

Reliable, durable fillings

Convenient handling

Superb dimensional stability

Excellent corrosion resistance

Outstanding marginal integrity

Attractive price

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