DSI Lindemann bur is the result of elaborate craftmanship, premium quality materials, state of the art manufacturing facilities and powerful technology.  This single-piece carbide bur is the ideal instrument to work on hard tissue and bone structure. 

DSI Lindemann bur is suitable for a wide variety of applications in dentistry, ranging from everyday dental surgery to implantology, traumatology and premaxillofacial surgery. 

The sophisticated geometry of the bur, including the unique blade cutting angle, fine cross cuts and the perfect flute depth, provide aggressive bone cutting and smooth performance. 

The strong and durable DSI Lindemann bur offers outstanding bone cutting capability and efficient debris removal. 

DSI Lindemann bur is indicated for osteotomy, apicoectomy, cystectomy, hemisectomy, and preprosthetic surgery. 

DSI Dental Bone Cutter Shaping Surgical Carbide Lindemann Burs Drills


  • Immaculate design
  • Top quality
  • Ideal for working on bone and hard tissue
  • Efficient and aggressive bone cutting
  • Excellent debris removal capability
  • High strength
  • Smooth performance 
  • Superb durability

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