Bacteria play a major role in the etiology of periodontal disease. Gram-negative, anaerobic microorganisms are responsible for its initiating and progressing. Thus, the main goal of periodontal treatment is to eliminate the specific microorganisms in dental film that are associated with periodontal disease.

Basic therapy includes mechanical debridement normally performed by scaling and root planing.  Despite a significant drop in levels of subgingival microorganisms SRP alone does not always lead to complete elimination of all the pathogens.  A considerable number of bacteria linger due to poor access to deep periodontal pockets, especially with root surface concavities, and furcation defects.
To overcome the shortcomings of conventional periodontal treatment, DSI Sponge Perio has been developed.

This biodegradable, locally administered antimicrobial agent is a powerful periodontal disease fighter. Its active ingredient is chlorhexidine gluconate, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth and is considered the gold standard in plaque treatment. Additionally, it has a benefit of having negligible potential to induce bacterial resistance.
DSI Sponge Perio provides slow subgingival release of chlorhexidine gluconate, and demonstrates long-lasting antibacterial effects.
Using DSI Sponge Perio results in significant  suppression of bacterial pocket flora and marked pocket depth reduction.
DSI Sponge Perio is clinically effective, safe, easily-applied means of treating periodontal diseases.

DSI Dental Periodontitis Sterile Perio Sponge Chlorhexidine Collagen Chips


  •     Biodegradable collagen chips.
  •     Contains Chlorhexidine gluconate 2.5 mg.
  •     Localised and sustained release of chlorhexidine gluconate.
  •     Suppresses growth of bacteria in subgingival plaque.
  •     Minimal patient compliance needed.
  •     Biodegrades after placement.
  •     Easy insertion and fast insertion.
  •     Non-antibiotic.
  •     Very effective against periodontitis.

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