DSI ApexPaste is a top-quality temporary root canal filling material, indicated for various endodontic procedures. This calcium hydroxide based paste is available both with or without iodoform. 

DSI ApexPaste with iodoform is ideal for root canal filling, intracanal medication, in cases of root resorption, infected canals, and traumatic dental injuries, for apexification and endodontic treatment of primary teeth. DSI ApexPaste will not cause any undesirable effect on succedaneous teeth. The resorption rate of the paste approximates that of root resorption. DSI ApexPaste is a perfect material for root canal filling when treating periodontitis. 

Iodoform-free DSI ApexPaste was developed for pulp capping, lining pulpotomies, or as a temporary dressing for apexification procedures in endodontics.  DSI ApexPaste demonstrates highly successful outcomes when used to treat chronic periodontitis in permanent teeth. It is also the material of choice for injured pulp regeneration and pulpitis on both permanent or under-developed teeth. 

Calcium hydroxide is an active ingredient of the DSI ApexPaste. It creates a high alkaline Ph (12.8), produces a long-lasting bactericidal and antibacterial action, stimulates dentin remineralization and the formation of hard tissue. 

High radiopacity is provided by the presence of barium sulphate in DSI ApexPaste

Iodoform, added to the paste, boosts the bactericidal and drying effects in the canal. 

Messy mixing is completely eliminated, as DSI ApexPaste comes in a pre-filled ergonomic syringe. Fast and easy application is ensured directly into the canal. 

Superb physical properties, easy handling, various applications, and competitive price make DSI ApexPaste is a must-have tool in any endodontic treatment.

DSI Endodontic Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal ApexPaste Iodoform


· Long-lasting antibacterial and bacteriostatic action

· Remineralizing effect

· Supports hard tissue restoration 

· Highly radiopaque

· Quick and convenient application

· Silicone oil based

· High pH level

· Non-hardening paste for easy removal

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