DSI Hemostatic Sponge is an absorbable, pliable, coherent, porous sponge-like material fabricated from pure pharmaceutical gelatin. The sponge protects the wound bed, controls bleeding, contributes to faster healing process and prevents the risk of postoperative complications.

DSI Hemostatic Sponge is suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures especially where conventional hemostatic measures are not efficient or appropriate. 

In addition to acting as a mechanical barrier, DSI Hemostatic Sponge, when in contact with blood, affects the coagulation cascade. Collagen causes rapid platelet adhesion and complete activation. Platelets quickly adhere, spread, become activated and begin to form a coagulum.

DSI Hemostatic Sponge also serves as a matrix for strengthening the blood clot.

DSI Hemostatic Sponge decreases overall surgery time, accelerates recovery, and facilitates successful procedure outcome. 


  • Rapid hemostasis
  • Safe and effective
  • Convenient handling
  • Completely absorbable within 3-4 weeks
  • Promotes platelet aggregation
  • Seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
  • Reduces chair time
  • Highly absorbent
  • Can be used dry or wet (saturated with a thrombin solution)


  • On operating tissues - it controls oozing and seals up the bleeding tissues immediately
  • During bone harvesting from the iliac crest by filling the donor site
  • Dento-alveolar surgery and extraction of teeth in patients with risk of hemorrhage
  • Regeneration of mucosal tissue removal of mandibular cysts
  • Maxillo-facial surgery

2 variations of DSI Hemostatic Sponge are available:

  • DSI Sterile Cubes in a blister 
  • DSI Non Sterile Cubes in a jar

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