DSI ImplanCement is a non-eugenol, resin-based, is a tough elastomeric resin that flexes under force, absorbs shock and resists breaking down under daily occlusal stresses.

The innovative formula creates a tight marginal seal and will not wash out. DSI Implant Cem is the result of continuously refined methodology, extensive research, and advanced technology. The material has been designed for implant-retained crowns but is also perfectly suitable for temporary cementation of provisional restorations.

DSI Implant Cement is ideal for long-term temporaries. The special formula of cement provides both excellent seal and effortless retrievability. The convenient automix syringe is time-saving and ensures quick application, consistent mix, and smooth flow without a mess. Implant Cement from DSI offers an effective dual-cure mechanism. The firm, solely mechanical retention, ensures security and durability while allowing easy removal of crowns and bridges without any damage.

DSI Implant Cement possesses extremely low film thickness for an optimal fit and no post-cementation adjustments. Besides, the material exhibits high compressive strength. Excess cement can be easily removed without leaving any residue. DSI Cement has no taste or odour for enhanced patient comfort.


• Ideal for both implant-retained crowns and temporary cementation of provisional restorations

• Dual-curing for increased efficiency

• Mechanical retention only – not a chemical bond

• Retrievable - allows future restoration removal for adjustments or retreatment

• Excellent bond strength

• Easy removal of restorations without damage

• Convenient handling

• High compressive strength 

• Low film thickness

• Tight marginal seal 

• Secure mechanical retention

• Eugenol-free

DSI Implant Composite Dual Cure Dental Permanent Temporary Cement

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