Dentures are worn by millions of people around the world.  

But with time, or as a result of an accident, the denture might break, or a tooth can crack, chip, or fall out. 

Damaged dentures are a serious issue and can cause a disruption to your life, by making everyday  tasks such as chewing, swallowing, talking, and smiling not only difficult, but sometimes embarrassing as well. Wearing fractured dentures could also lead to further oral health problems. 

A dental emergency can happen at any time, and sometimes you can’t take the broken denture to a professional right away for a repair. You might find yourself in a situation when you simply have to wait for an appointment at your dentist’s, or professional help is not readily available. It could take a while for new dentures to be ready or for the old one to be fixed. What can you do in the meantime? The answer is simple, as DSI has developed just the right solution for such cases – DSI Repio Fix

DSI Repio Fix is an emergency denture repair kit, containing special materials, professional-grade teeth, and a clear and thorough illustrated instruction manual. All the items meet the highest standards of quality, and were carefully chosen to ensure a safe and easy fix at home.  

A single DSI Repio Fix is enough for up to 6 full denture repairs. 

DSI Repio Fix will help you promptly deal with any of the following problems:

Cracked, broken, chipped or fallen out teeth;

Broken upper or lower denture

DSI Repio Emergency Home Use Broken Replace Denture Acryl Teeth Repair

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