Implant success is greatly dependent on biomechanical factors, and implant design plays a fundamental role. 

DSI SMART Implant is FDA-approved to ensure complete safety and optimum efficacy. 

The brilliantly thought-out design is the essence of the unsurpassed functionality of DSI SMART Implant.  The elaborate geometry was developed based on the differences in the structure of the cortical and the cancellous bone. 

Being denser, stronger and stiffer, the cortical bone helps achieve and maintain primary stability. And as research shows, in all loading situations, this is the area where maximum stress is concentrated when the implant is put to function.

The cancellous bone, on the other hand, is highly vascular and compressible. It also contains red bone marrow that acts as a source of stem cells. These features of the cancellous bone aid in the healing process. 

The unique design of DSI SMART Implant takes advantage of the strengths of each type of the bone, minimizes their weaknesses, and protects bone structure. DSI SMART Implant has 2 different thread profiles, which facilitate favorable load distribution. 

The double thread at the upper part expands the implant surface area for improved osteointegration and decreased compression of the cortical bone. The lower part has single thread with higher depth that allows improved grip at the cancellous bone through its compression while enabling high blood supply around the core of the implant. This design stimulates bio-activity of the bone and contributes to less cortical bone resorption. 

On both the upper and lower part of the implant the advancement of the two threads are identical to eradicate the tension between the parts. 

The slightly tapered form requires less space in the apical region, better primary stability, and improved distribution of the compressive forces. The rounded apex protects the sinus floor, and offers surgical flexibility. 

Every DSI SMART Implant undergoes SLA treatment which further extends the surface area and enhances bone to implant contact. 

The FDA approved DSI SMART Implant boasts unparalleled functionality and  extraordinary mechanical performance. 


  • FDA approved 
  • Unique dual-thread design 
  • Protects bone structure
  • Excellent primary stability
  • Extended surface area and enhanced bone to implant contact
  • Improved grasp at the cortical bone without over-pressure 
  • Equal load distribution along the entire length
  • Withstands higher axial and vertical loads compared to other implants
  • Facilitates high blood supply around the core of the implant
  • Suitable for both immediate loading and traditional 2-stage protocols
  • Rounded apex with self-tapping threads for higher surgical flexibility and sinus floor protection
  • Made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI, in accordance with ASTM-F136-02
  • Internal hex connection supports the full range of the DSI prosthetic components

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