DSI Sponge ZenGraft has been developed with the ultimate goal of enhancing the well-being of patients. 

DSI Sponge ZenGraft is a winning combination of our phenomenally popular products: SpongeGraft collagen plug and Zenoss Bone Graft. 

DSI Sponge ZenGraft is a two-phase composition of bovine tendon collagen type I, impregnated with deproteinized bovine xenograft. 

The contained xenograph promotes revascularization and stabilizes blood clots, while the collagen provides high particle adhesion.  

The shape of the plug makes it easy to place into extraction sockets or other boney defects. 

DSI Sponge ZenGraft demonstrates a shorter healing time compared to the synthetic version.

Its superb physical characteristics together with excellent handling render it an ideal material to use for repairing all kinds of bone defects. 

The unique one-step solution will turn bone grafting into a predictable and simple procedure and optimize treatment outcomes. 


  • Preservation of the hole and crest
  • Ridge preservation
  • Periodontal defects
  • Defects around the implant
  • Defects after resection, cystectomy


  • unique one-step solution for bone grafting procedures
  • predictable outcome
  • fast healing 
  • optimal shape for easy placement 
  • slow absorption
  • convenient handling
  • similar to natural bone structure

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