DSI Syntoss Biogel is a highly efficient gel with impressive healing, antiseptic and regenerative qualities indicated  for a range of conditions. It effectively reduces swelling and inflammation of the oral tissues following dental surgeries, traumas, fractures and splinting of jaws. DSI Syntoss Biogel also shows excellent results in preventing and treating parodontitis, gingivitis and stomatitis.

This oral gel contains chondroitin sulfate and  chlorhexidine bigluconate. The anti-inflammatory, cell-instructive, negative immunogenic properties of the chondroitin sulfate facilitate cellular proliferation and promote a faster tissue repair process. It also normalizes both the metabolism in the epithelial cells and gum fibroblasts and blood microcirculation. DSI Syntoss Biogel helps localize the inflammation to eliminate the risk of its spreading to the surrounding tissue.  

The formulation also includes chlorhexidine, which posseses proven antibacterial and anti-plaque characteristics. It actively combats gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and fungal flora. In addition to relieving the gum inflammation, it limits the build-up of biofilm, and provides a prolonged bactericidal effect. 

DSI Syntoss Biogel does not provoke allergic reactions and is well-tolerated by patients even in cases of long-term use. 

DSI Syntoss Biogel Parodontal Gingivitis Stomatitis


  • Post-operative swelling and inflammation
  • In cases of traumas, factures, micro-wounds, fractures and splinting of jaws
  • For prevention and treatment of parodontitis, gingivitis and stomatitis

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