Your crown fell out and you’re feeling frustrated and anxious that you can’t see your dentist immediately? DSI Temp OTC will take care of it!

You won’t believe how easy it is to get an excellent temporary fix with DSI Temp OTC!
Crowns that fell off is a common dental emergency. A crown can fall out for many reasons.

DSI Temp OTC is a great way to refit loose or lost caps and crowns at home while you wait for your dental appointment.

Using superglues or any household glues for reattaching crowns is dangerous. This type of adhesive is toxic and could lead to additional health problems.

DSI Temp OTC is a stable, safe, and reliable option for fixing your crowns and bridges.
Being a single step cement, DSI Temp OTC is easy to apply for a non-professional user. The solution comes pre-mixed in a syringe for a non-hassle application.

DSI Temp OTC possesses good adhesion strength, but your dentist will be able to remove it easily later. 
Developed specifically to re-cement crowns, DSI Temp OTC is the perfect choice for home use.
If your crown comes off - DSI Temp OTC is a true life-saver!

DSI Temporary Crowns Caps Cement DIY Emergency First Aid Home Use

Professional-grade solution
Comes pre-mixed in a syringe
No mixing involved
Simple application
An ideal option for home use
25+ repairs

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