Implant placement in the dorsal parts of the maxilla is often challenging and complicated due to insufficient quality and quantity of the remaining alveolar bone. Sinus Lift has become a routine, widely-used  augmentation procedure.  Numerous studies prove that implants, placed into the augmented sinus, demonstrate highly successful rates.

DSI offers DSI Total Sinus Kit - a comprehensive set of high quality instruments for the performance of lateral or crestal sinus lift. 

This unique kit eliminates the need for any additional tools or instruments to streamline the sinus lift procedures at your dental office. Having all the necessary tools at hand during treatment substantially enhances surgical treatment efficiency. The carefully engineered instruments significantly simplify the surgery, reducing the chance of post-operative issues. 

This kit includes a series of lateral and crestal reamers that are specially designed to prevent damage to the sinus membrane. The stopper system provides the surgeon with total control over drill depth to prevent over-drilling and soft tissue damage. 

With DSI Total Sinus Kit, you can choose the most suitable approach for every patient. 

The kit offers a complete solution for accessing the sinus by preparing a window in the lateral wall, resulting in a minimal flap size and a smaller window compared to any conventional technique. DSI Total Sinus Kit allows a simplified, a-traumatic and gradual lateral sinus lift procedure with a drastically reduced risk of unintentional membrane perforation.  The lateral drills feature a unique tip design that was specifically engineered for the phases of the lateral approach surgical protocol. 

DSI Total Sinus Kit also includes all the required instruments for a minimally invasive, predictable crestal technique procedure.  The kit enables you to perform crestal sinus lift without the use of a hammer and osteotome. Such technique is not only considerably safer for the patient, but it also greatly accelerates healing time. The design of the reamers’ tip prevents unintentional membrane tearing, and the stoppers provide improved depth accuracy.

DSI Total Sinus Kit gives you absolute confidence to perform lateral or crestal sinus lift safely and efficiently. 


  • Complete kit for minimally invasive both lateral and crestal sinus lift procedures
  • Stopper system for precise depth control
  • Minimized perforation risk
  • Facilitates a safe and predictable treatment
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Decreased chair time and patient discomfort
  • Compact and complete, no need for extra tools or units
  • Completely autoclavable including the box made of highest quality plastic polymer

DSI Total Sinus Kit includes:

  • 1x Guide Drill Ø2.0mm
  • 6x Drill Stopper (Length 2/3/4/5/6/7mm)
  • 1x Lateral Drill Ø6.5mm
  • 3x Lateral Window Drills (Ø6.5mm Lenght 1/2/3mm)
  • 3x Crestal Reamer Drills Ø2.8/3.3/3.8mm
  • 1x Lateral Bone Carrier
  • 1x Crestal Bone Carrier
  • 1x Aqua tip
  • 1x Side Cutter Ø2.4mm
  • 1x Bone Condenser/Depth Gauge
  • 4x Sinus Curettes
  • 1x Plastic Tube

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