DSI UniCrown LC is a single-component light-curing composite resin, ideal for temporary inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. 

The carefully developed formula of DSI UniCrown LC ensures its ideal consistency and excellent handling and makes the material easy to shape and contour. 

With this single-component resin, you can forget about messy mixing.

DSI UniCrown LC allows generous working time. 

The material significantly simplifies fabricating temporary restorations by saving time and money, and provides improved esthetics for the patients. 

With DSI UniCrown LC you will enjoy faster, more economical and straight forward procedures with less effort! 


  • Light curing 
  • Fast and cost-effective  
  • Ideal consistency  
  • Convenient handling 
  • Simplified procedure
  • Creates no mess
  • Requires no mixing

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