The implant-supported rehabilitation is a predictable and well-established method of edentulism treatment.
Despite the impressive success rate, one of the most common and most troublesome complications is peri-implantitis. If left untreated, it could result in bone loss and implant failure.
The popularity of dental implants also leads to an increasing number of patients affected by peri-implantitis.
Implant gaps and hollow spaces are inevitably laden with microbes originating from the oral cavity that are associated with peri‐implantitis.
To eradicate this major risk to the outcome of implant therapy, DSI has developed a highly efficient solution  - DSI ViruSeal. The antimicrobial gel effectively prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria and eliminates potential bacterial reservoirs.
DSI ViruSeal, based on a viscous silicone matrix, provides a stable and reliable seal, making the colonization and growth of microbes impossible and counteracting re-infection.

The application is quick is and easy, and the gel maintains its beneficial qualities over years, ensuring continuing effect. 
DSI ViruSeal greatly contributes to long-lasting success of implant treatment.

DSI ViruSeal Dental Implant Anti Bacterial Peri-implantitis Sealing Gel


  • Effectively prevents peri-implantitis
  • Eradicates the risk of re-infection
  • Provides a reliable seal
  • Strong antibacterial effect
  • Remains active for years
  • Harmless to humans and antibiotics-free
  • Easy to apply

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