DSI Zenoss is a natural, non-antigenic, completely resorbable bone graft material. 

DSI Zenoss is produced from bovine bone tissue, purified by the method of chemical-enzymatic treatment with hydroxyapatite of biological origin and spatial architectonic that facilitates fixation of biologically active substances on the biomaterial structures without compromising their biological activity.

All DSI Biomaterials are produced with compliance to stringent international standards. During the manufacturing process all organic components are removed. This eliminates any risk of infection or immune reaction. 

DSI Zenoss demonstrates several extremely valuable properties. It has shown the ability to carry medication to the grafting site and stimulate the healing process.

Due to the natural structure of DSI Zenoss, the material is similar to the mineralized matrix of human bone. 

The interconnecting micro and macro pores ensure superb osseoconductivity, providing supply of nutrients, and supporting vascularization and  bone ingrowth.  The highly porous structure creates ample space for bone deposition. The rough surface promotes cell adhesion. 

DSI Zenoss facilitates rapid and effective bone formation and predictable treatment outcomes.


  • High porosity
  • Macro- and microscopic pore structure
  • Surface roughness
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • High formation rate of the new bone 
  • Rapid tissue healing
  • Quick solidification, which is convenient for maxilla and sinus lifting
  • Facilitates vascularization, bone ingrowth, and nutrition
  • Gradually resorbable
  • Fully sterilized and contains no cellular elements
  • Pure Xenograft for higher osseointegration rate

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