DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is an innovative resorbable acellular collagen matrix, ideally suitable for a wide range of clinical cases and situations. During the manufacturing process collagen is carefully purified to remove potential immunogens, bacteria and viruses to ensure complete safety for the patient. 

Its remarkable biocompatibility and superior mechanical properties of DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ make it an optimal material to use for soft tissue augmentation. 

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is an excellent alternative to autologous soft tissue grafts, allowing to avoid a number of disadvantages associated with harvesting autologous tissue including limited availability, second surgical site morbidity, and risks of complications.

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is completely integrated with surrounding tissue within 24 weeks. Its tridimensional architecture demonstrates exceptional revascularization cell proliferation abilities that are enhanced by the interconnected structure. 

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is a safe and effective solution for repairing soft tissue deficiencies. 


  • Highly purified type I collagen
  • Safe and effective
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High biocompatibility
  • Rapid vascularization
  • No need for autograft harvesting
  • Full integration into patient‘s own tissue in 3-6 months
  • Quick hydration 
  • Easy handling
  • Each piece can be easily trimmed during surgery for a final fit
  • May be placed with either side against the tissue or bone
  • Terminally sterilized and ready for use following brief hydration

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is indicated for:

  • Gingival recession coverage
  • Gain of keratinized tissue
  • Soft tissue ridge augmentation
  • Exposed root coverage
  • Filling of defects after the removal of cysts
  • Closure of extraction sockets (socket seal)
  • Soft tissue grafting with GBR/GTR technique
  • As a stabilizer of the clot

DSI Zenoss Matrix Bio+ is also available in a plug form, making it ideal to use in post extraction sites. 

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