Lost a filling and unable to see your dentist immediately?

With proper oral hygiene dental fillings can serve you for years or even decades, but they’re not meant to last forever.

The sooner the filling is replaced, the better. Waiting too long can lead to further decay and damage, and require more treatment procedures later.

With DSI Temporary Seal Kit you will be ready to care for yourself and your loved ones, should a dental emergency strike.

DSI Temp is a safe, effective, and easy to use temporary filling material. Being pre-mixed, it is ready to be applied. It will form a strong temporary filling to block the hole, keep food out, and prevent you from touching the cavity with your tongue, but your dentist will be able to remove it without a problem.

DSI Eugenol will quickly soothe the aching tooth. It is a natural anesthetic, that provides a numbing effect and offers instant pain relief.  Moreover, eugenol demonstrates potent anti-microbial properties, and thus it aids in reducing inflammation and fighting infection.

DSI Chlor-Ex  is a 2% Chlorhexidine Solution that possesses  powerful antimicrobial properties. It is a safe, non-irritant solution, highly effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. DSI Chlor-Ex demonstrates persistent and prolonged antimicrobial action.

With DSI Temporary Seal Kit you will be ready to manage a dental emergency promptly and effectively.

This kit contains professional materials necessary to deal with a lost filling, and ease pain and discomfort it causes:

1 40g jar of DSI Temp

1 100ml bottle of DSI Chlor-EX

1 20ml bottle of DSI Eugenol

1 spatula

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