Long-term clinical success of a crown restoration is greatly influenced by the selection of proper luting cement. 

DSI Glass FX is a multi-purpose glass-ionomer ideally suitable for a variety of applications.

The setting reaction of a glass ionomer cement is an acid-base interaction between the acidic polyelectrolyte and the aluminosilicate glass. When the powder and liquid are mixed, the surface of the glass particles is attacked by the acid of the liquid. As a result, calcium, aluminium, sodium and fluoride ions are released into the aqueous medium. The salts hydrate to form a gel matrix and the unreacted glass particles are sheathed by silica gel, which arises from removal of cations from the surface of the particles.

DSI Glass FX possesses remarkable physical qualities and excellent handling characteristics. 

Secure retention is ensured by effective chemical adhesion. 

In addition, not only does the material release fluoride, but it is also capable of absorbing fluoride from the oral environment, inhibiting caries. 

Having the coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of dental hard tissues is an important reason for the good margin adaptation. 

DSI Glass FX demonstrates excellent biocompatibility due to rapidly increasing pH during setting. 

DSI Glass FX cement satisfies the patients’ demand for esthetics, having the colour of the natural tooth. 

Another important benefit is that DSI Glass FX package comes with varnish for extended protection and enhanced effect, preventing the adverse effect of water. 


Chemical bonding

High strength

Ease of mixing

Anticariogenic effect due to constant long-term fluoride release

Coefficient of thermal expansion close to the tooth

Low film thickness


Minimal pulpal response


Excellent esthetics

The package includes varnish

Glass-ionomer luting Cement Powder Liquid Varnish DSI Glass-fx

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