The following information has been provided through the courtesy of the DSI company

DSI ReMta is a reparative cement, containing MTA (mineral trioxide aggregate). 

This superb material is indicated for a range of applications in endodontics.

DSI ReMta is available in a paste+paste form, which serves as an ideal canal filling material. This presentation allows the most convenient and efficient use of the material and provides a complete filling of the entire root canal, including accessory and lateral canals.

The liquid+powder form has a higher MTA concentration and is indispensable for root repair, even in the most complicated cases. 

DSI ReMta has a remarkable ability to stimulate hard tissue repair and regeneration. DSI ReMta releases calcium ions, enhancing the formation of a dentin bridge. 

The material builds a noncytotoxic, antibacterial environment and surface morphology that are favourable for reparative calcific bridge formation. Soluble cytokines and growth factors that mediate wound repair of the dentin-pulp complex are nested in the extracellular matrix, and MTA stimulates reparative hard tissue formation by sequestering these growth factors and cytokines embedded in the surrounding dentin matrix.

Calcium hydroxide and calcium silicate hydrate, the principal by-products formed during hydration of the material, contribute to a sustained alkaline pH, which facilitates antimicrobial activity. 

The use of DSI ReMta demonstrates high healing rates. 

DSI ReMta exhibits excellent biocompatible and sealing characteristics, minimal discolouration, and outstanding flowability and radiopacity, and quick setting time.  It also has a proven bactericidal effect.

The well-known drawback of the long setting time is solved by using the special activator liquid. As a result, the hardening time is only 200sec.

Using DSI ReMta significantly improves outcomes of endodontic treatment. 


Releases calcium ions

Stimulates the osteogenesis and the apex growth



Excellent sealing capacity

Low solubility

Quick setting time

Low solubility

High mechanical strength

Minimal leakage around the margins

DSI ReMta dental root canal repair/defect filling material in powder - indicated for use in the following cases:

Root canal wall perforation

Intracanal resorption

Filling of the posterior root apex

Direct coating of the pulp

Pulp amputation

Treatment of teeth with interrupted root development

DSI ReMta dental root canal defect filling paste material  - recommended for use in cases of:


Apical periodontitis

Canal filling with gutta-percha (one-pin method or condensation technique)

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate ReMTA Endo Material

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