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The success of endodontic treatment depends almost exclusively on how well the root canal is shaped and cleaned. The shaping process removes the restrictive dentin, pulp tissue, necrotic debris, bacteria, and their endotoxins, opening up the root canal system for the irrigant solutions. This allows for thorough and extended cleaning. Improper shaping and, in turn, cleaning, can result in peripheral infection, compromising the outcome of endodontic therapy. 

Root canals are frequently depicted as smooth, hollow tubes. But any endo professional will tell, that quite often this is not the case.  Such misleading images do not reflect the real anatomical structure of the root canal systems, their complexity, and intricacy. Most root canals tend to have curvatures and multiple planes of deviations along their length. The tooth with straight root canals is very rare to observe. 

Such complex anatomy presents a serious challenge for dentists, which requires the use of state-of-the-art instruments. DSI ApexFile Gold system shows consistently excellent results even in severely curved canals. 

DSI ApexFile Gold system includes shaping and finishing files that create a sequence. It is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion.

DSI ApexFile Gold files respect the original anatomy, maintaining the initial curvatures and allowing centred preparations with low canal transportation. 

The advanced metallurgy provides DSI ApexFile Gold files with profound elasticity, high strength, and outstanding wear-resistance. DSI ApexFile Gold files easily withstand the distortions caused by repeated rotation without causing preparation errors. 

The outstanding features of DSI ApexFile Gold files include convex triangular cross-sections, noncutting tips, and a progressive taper. The innovative design enhances the cutting ability and reduces rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin. 

DSI ApexFile Gold system allows a safe preparation in the curved canals, and resistance to fracture. 

The shortened handle provides better visibility during the procedure. 

Root canal shapes, created by DSI ApexFile Gold system, will support excellent outcomes and leave sufficient remaining strength in the root. 


New generation material – 18k gold coated NiTi

Improved shapes – structurally appropriate for predictable cleaning, confit, and obturation

High wear and fracture resistance 

Ideal for a large variety of canal morphologies

Maintains the original anatomy of the root canal

Compatible with your existing reciprocating handpieces and settings

Modified cross-sectional design and a noncutting tip

High strength and outstanding flexibility

Time-saving, easy to use, predictable and safe

ApexFile Protaper Rotary Endo Files

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