The following information has been provided through the courtesy of the DSI company

Numerous materials, such as wax, cotton pellets, flow composites, polyvinyl siloxane, gutta-percha, and even Teflon tape have been used in implant dentistry over the years to of abutment screws prior to sealing the access openings. But all those methods lacking the very basic principle - they haven't been initially made for this purpose.

DSI Sil-Flow is a light-curing flowable temporary filling material. 

The primary objective of DSI Sil-Flow is to serve as an implant abutment sealing, but it can also be used as a filling material for any small pit or cavity.

This unique, innovative material has been specifically designed to create a hermetic seal without using additional cumbersome and ineffective methods. 

The oral environment is ideal for the bacteria and fungi, and without a proper seal, the abutment screw hole instantly becomes contaminated, causing peri-implantitis, which in turn can lead to implant loss.

With DSI Sil-Flow, there is no need to use cotton, which can promote bacterial growth, or wax, an unstable material, that might dissolve, or composite, which can present a challenge to remove. 

It has been created with the needs of dental professionals in mind, so DSI Sil-Flow allows easy placement and just as easy removal. 

The material flows smoothly, making application quick, simple and comfortable.

DSI Sil-Flow ensures a reliable marginal seal. 

The removal is easy and fast as well, with only a hand instrument necessary for the procedure, as DSI Sil-Flow maintains its elasticity. 

Using DSI Sil-Flow greatly saves steps, time and effort for dentists, increasing the patient comfort and safety. 


Ideal hermetic seal

Completely homogeneous

Easy to apply 

Quick removal in one piece

Convenient handling


No cracking

No bad odour

Rapid light-curing 

Sil-Flow DSI Abutment Sealing Material

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