DSI UniEtch Etching Gel for Enamel...
DSI UniEtch Etching Gel for Enamel...

DSI UniEtch Etching Gel for Enamel and Dentin 4g


DSI UniEtch Gel Etching Gel 37% Phosphoric Acid 1xSyringe 4ml 

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UniEtch is a modern technology etching gel. It containing 37% phosphoric acid.

It is used for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with sealants, composite restorations and the adhesive luting of indirect all-ceramic or composite restorations.

UniEtch nanosized particles are of importance for the newest Etching Gel. The great consistency gives handling properties required by all dentists such as exact application at the correct time and a complete rinse off with no phosphoric acid left in the cavity. 

UniEtch stays in place without collapsing. The ideal viscosity enables very precise and clearly detectable placement. The thin bendable application tip allows a perfectly accurate application.


  • Etching of enamel surface or dentine before the preparation of a composite or bonded amalgam filling.
  • Before the preparation of a composite or fused amalgam filling.
  • Before the preparation of a sandwich composite filling with a glass ionomer cement.
  • Before the adhesive fixation of an aesthetic facet (veneer) either ceramic or composite.
  • Before the fixation of associate inlay or onlay, the root pin a crown or bridge with composite cement.
  • Cementation of mounted prosthetic, adhesive splints in orthodontics, fixation of orthodontic brackets.


  • Ideal Viscosity
  • Syringe-tip delivery
  • 37% phosphoric acid to give best dentin etching results
  • 2% benzalkonium chloride makes etchant antimicrobial
  • Provides controlled depth of dental etch
  • Does not dry out and retains its consistency
  • Predictable dental etching
  • No Fillers or additives
Field of use
Crown/Tooth Restorations
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100 Items


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