HDI Denu Bond 5th Generation Bonding...
HDI Denu Bond 5th Generation Bonding...

HDI Denu Bond 5th Generation Bonding Agent 5ml


HDI Denu One-step priming and bonding 5th generation bond 1 x 5 ml bottle

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Denu Bond is a single-component dental adhesive designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications. To ensure the lasting connection light cured composite materials with hard tooth tissues. The adhesive system provides strong coupling and safe bordering based on chemical adhesion by restoration of anatomical tooth form.

The adhesive system «Denu Bond» can be used in a combination with light-cured composite materials.

Denu Bond delivering excellent penetration into dentinal tubules, for extraordinary bond strength and protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.

The material features high chemical compatibility with polymer materials and tooth tissues providing good edge bonding when restoring the anatomical shape of the tooth.


  • One-Bottle, one-coat convenience.
  • High bond strength with proven chemistry.
  • Reduces risk of post-operative sensitivity.
  • High marginal integrity and low microleakage.
  • Uniquely suited to the selective etch technique.
  • Exceptional bond strength.
  • Unique nanoetching process provides the highest dental bonding strengths to both dentin and enamel.
  • Direct/indirect use. Excellent dental adhesive for enamel, dentin, porcelain and ceramics.
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Crown/Tooth Restorations
Bonding Agents
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