Morelli Orthobond Plus Color Change...
Morelli Orthobond Plus Color Change...
Morelli Orthobond Plus Color Change...
Morelli Orthobond Plus Color Change...

Morelli Orthobond Plus Color Change Adhesive Bonding 4g


Morelli Dental Orthodontic Adhesive Color Change Bonding Metal Ceramic Brackets

OrthobondPlus Color Change Adhesive 4g Syringe (enough for 12 patient's procedures)

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Color-changing adhesive from pink to clear in less than 40 seconds time

Comparable to Transbond XT

Morelli OrthobondPlus is a light cure adhesive that bonds the metal and ceramic brackets to tooth surfaces. This unique adhesive uses light cure adhesive technology to provide you with additional working time to ensure accurate bracket placement. 

Morelli OrthobondPlus Adhesive System requires fewer steps to completion, meaning faster results, greater efficiencies, fewer opportunities for error, and an enhanced patient experience. 

The adhesive starts in the pink helping the visual reference of the bracket and the clean-up of flash then fades to clear when exposed to curing light. 

The viscosity of Morelli OrthobondPlus adhesive was designed to prevent adhesive run-on and bracket slide with the potential to save money and reduce adhesive waste. Morelli OrthobondPlus quick cure provides for immediate archwire tie-in so your patients can experience shorter bonding appointments.


  • Bonds to all types of brackets.
  • Preloaded in the syringe.
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Colour changing for easier flash clean-up and better bracket reference
  • Uniform adhesive
  • The extremely high bonding strength
  • One piece easy and clean removal process.
  • Less than 40 seconds curing light is needed (may be as low as 5s - depends on the LED Curing Light you are using)

4g syringe per package

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Pioneer in the manufacture and sales leader in orthodontic products in Brazil, Morelli is a reference in the dental market. Morelli products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

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