DSI Zenoss Plus.Natural Bone Graft...
DSI Zenoss Plus.Natural Bone Graft...
DSI Zenoss Plus.Natural Bone Graft...
DSI Zenoss Plus.Natural Bone Graft...

DSI Zenoss Plus.Natural Bone Graft Material Gel


DSI Zenoss Plus Natural Bone Graft Gel Bovine Origin Sterile 0.5cc or 1.0cc  Syringe.


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DSI Zenoss Plus - Natural bone substitution - ready-to-use syringe

Zenoss Plus was built to deliver Zenoss xenograft granules more efficiently and precisely to the treatment site to simplify the bone grafting procedures.

With Zenoss Plus, the grafting could even be made without the use of other sterile instruments!

This highly purified material comes in easy to use pre-filled sterile

syringes and dedicated for a single use.

Due to its natural origin, Zenoss Plus granules are structurally and chemically close to the human bone matrix.

The unique feature of the Zenoss Plus is the polymer that incorporates the graft granules into a homogenous paste. The polymer has reversed thermoplasticity - on the higher temperatures (25C/77F) it starts to harden and becomes solid at the intraoral environment. It allows to achieve the immediate stability inside the defect after the placement without the membrane and provides the doctor with full control over the material viscosity: it gradually softens when cooled down, while becoming completely fluid on the low (8C/46F) temperature mark. The material can overcome numerous cycles of liquid to solid.


  • Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge.
  • As a part of Immediate placement technique.
  • Filling of defects after root resection, apicoectomy, and cystectomy.
  • Sockets grafting to enhance preservation of the alveolar ridge.
  • Sinus augmentation.
  • Filling of peri-implant defects.

Zenoss Plus is simple to use as 1-2-3:

1. Granules should be wetted with a saline physiological solution or a patient’s blood and then pushed down by the plunger. Repeat until the graft is fully hydrated. The filter cap prevents the bone graft granules from falling. According to the recent studies, the best results are achieved with 90%:10% blood: saline combination.

2. Remove the perforated cap and deliver the hydrated granules into the defect.

3. Apply light pressure with a gauze pad.

Now you can close the flap or continue with the operation. The pore interconnected structure of Zenoss Plus granules grants the material the ability to guide the growth of the bone marrow and cells while allowing the body fluids and blood vessel to pass through.


  • Simple to use.
  • Fast deployment and effective defect filling.
  • Biocompatible
  • Can be used without additional instruments and membrane
  • Supports vascularization, bone ingrowth, and nutrition.
  • Pure Xenograft for higher osseointegration rate.
Field of use
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)
Sinus Lifting
Surgical Procedures
Bone Grafting Materials
Xenograft (Bovine Origin)
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