Morelli SLP Passive Ligating Steel...
Morelli SLP Passive Ligating Steel...

Morelli SLP Passive Ligating Steel Brackets


Morelli Dental Orthodontic SLP Brackets Self Ligating Passive Aesthetic 20 Units

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Morelli SLP Self-Ligating Passive Brackets Niti Clip 20 Units 

Morelli SLP brackets offer the benefits of less friction at the beginning of treatment and more control toward the end of treatment to assist with final torques and rotations. 

Morelli SLP brackets clip does not actively engage smaller round and rectangular wires. This minimizes the effects of friction and allows for smaller wires to unravel the dentition resulting in a more comfortable experience for the patient at the beginning of treatment. In mid-treatment and finishing stages, Morelli SLP clip actively engages larger wires for precise tooth control.


  • The low friction sliding mechanics during initial leveling and alignment stages
  • Increased control of torque and rotations using larger wires delivers exceptional finishing precision
  • give you the ability to control when and in which teeth the friction will be applied most. The passive self-ligating bracket will give low friction during the period of use in rectangular wires when space closure is performed. When elastic ligatures are applied it can be used as a conventional bracket
  • Superior Strength - Injected by state-of-the-art Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology, SLP brackets are known to be most accurate and resistant.
  • Rounded Corners - The SLP brackets are designed especially for providing comfort to the patient. 
  • Locking Mechanism - The SLP Clip is Nitinol Superelastic, a material with geometric memory that presents a high resistance to fatigue. It is able to withstand mechanical deformation throughout the treatment process.
  • Explorer attachment -  Easy to open and close the Clip, it requires only a little force to open the mechanism and simply push the Clip with your finger to the end of the slot to close ensuring complete locking. 

Pack of 20 brackets

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Bracket Material
Stainless Steel
Bracket Type
100 Items

Pioneer in the manufacture and sales leader in orthodontic products in Brazil, Morelli is a reference in the dental market. Morelli products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 30 countries.

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