Dentaurum Discovery Smart Brackets...
Dentaurum Discovery Smart Brackets...

Dentaurum Discovery Smart Brackets 3,4,5 with hooks


Dentaurum Discovery Smart Orthodontic Metal Brackets MBT 22 

Set 20 pcs (with hook #3, 4, 5) 

Set 200 pcs (with hook #3, 4, 5)


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Dentaurum Discovery Smart are small in size brackets with brilliant qualities. This is the new premium metal bracket Discovery Smart from Dentaurum will give you an astonishing aesthetic result with no competition.

This mini bracket is the result of consistent advancement of the longstanding and well-proven brackets discovery. It complements the bracket series with smaller dimensions and an innovatively designed arched slot.

Dentaurum Discovery Smart brackets made from pure titanium, and they are nickel-free brackets. It is a real, single-piece bracket which is produced using modern metal injection molding methods (MIM). This means the bracket is especially biocompatible due to the fact that solder has been totally eliminated. Even the hooks on the canine, and optionally also on the premolar brackets, are designed in advance on the bracket and injected directly in one piece. The innovative mushroom shape means the rubber bands have sufficient support. 

 Dentaurum Discovery Smart brackets provide a definite improvement in comfort for the patient due to a significant reduction in the size of around 20% in comparison to the discovery, without any loss of torque and angulation control. It has now a very low profile with an in-out value of only 0.7mm

Another highlight is the new mesial-distal curved slot direction, which follows the ideal curvature of the dental arch. This has a positive effect on the sliding mechanism of the archwire.

The perfectly designed tie wings, provide the bracket with the perfect finish.

The small, modern design of Dentaurum Discovery Smart also incorporates all the brilliant characteristics of the Discovery bracket range, ensuring maximum reliability and control with fascinating aesthetics.

Package is 20 brackets with hooks 3,4,5

Field of use
Align And Straighten Teeth
Bracket Material
Stainless Steel
Bracket Type
100 Items

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