MedicNRG Dental Autoclave Organizer...
MedicNRG Dental Autoclave Organizer...
MedicNRG Dental Autoclave Organizer...
MedicNRG Dental Autoclave Organizer...

MedicNRG Dental Autoclave Organizer Standard Drills & Files


MedicNRG Dental Endodontic Autoclave Safe Case Plastic Organizer Stand Drills And Files

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MedicNRG panoramic endodontic organizer autoclave safe stand for drills and files.

Convenient Access

The panoramic shape of the device allows for a clear view of easy access to each tool.

Cross-contamination avoidance both the tool tray and the "Endo Cube" are suitable for sterilization in the autoclave. In addition, there are designated reservoirs for disinfectant fluids and cotton pellets. This, combined with the detachable clear cover helps prevents cross contamination and protects tools.

Labeled work-station

The tray is clearly marked and separated into areas designated for the various endodontic tools necessary for performing endo procedures: Gates, Spreaders, Engine Files, Head Storm Files, Burrs, etc... In addition, the organizer includes a convenient accessory drawer with adjustable compartments for clamps, dams, etc...

Ventilated tool shafts The patented cradle and open back design allow drainage and ventilation of the tool shafts, which speed up drying time and prevents corrosion.

Easy maintenance The organizer is easily dismantled. Parts may be cleaned individually.

"Endo Cube"

Autoclave safe

2 rulers for file length measurement (A+B)

Reservoir for file disinfectant and lubricants


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MedicNRG is a leading company in the global Endo technology field, and a major manufacturer of Electronic Apex Locators (EAL) . We are unique in our the capability to exactly define a need, “know how” in dental and technological fields and an advanced marketing perception.

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