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DSI CAD/CAM Milling Drill For Amann...
DSI CAD/CAM Milling Drill For Amann...

DSI CAD/CAM Milling Drill For Amann Girrbach 2.5mm


DSI CAD/CAM Milling Drill For Amann Girrbach

Overall length - 47mm

Shank Ø - 3mm

Head Ø - 2.5mm

Number of teeth - 2

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Zirconia, PMMA and Wax are abrasive materials that can eat up your tools extremely quickly. For longer lifespans and the best milling results. DSI provides a strong, very thin, smooth, and super-sharp milling tools that will serve unbelievably long. DSI Milling Drills are made out of solid tungsten carbide as per customers' needs.

DSI Milling Drills have an extinguished cutting quality and precision from years of experience in tool cutting and fully-automatic grinding machines. The sharpness and durability of the flute are DSI's specialty which is the main strength comparing to other tools. 

Carbide material designed for zirconia, PMMA and milling application. Amman Girrbach's tools will provide you with unmatched tolerance, accuracy, and surface quality and extremely long tool-life.

DSI Milling Drills accurately manufactured CAD/CAM milling tools which will help you achieve the exact result that you had designed on screen.

Can be used with: 

  • Zirconia
  • PMMA
  • WAX



  • Long-term Stability.
  • Excellent compatibility with Amann Girrbach Machines.
  • High quality of restorations and fit due to precisely manufactured tools.
  • Highest level of process safety due to matched and validated milling and grinding strategies.
  • Minimal wear of milling cutters at optimal milling speeds.
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* One of the leading dental companies in Israel.

* Advanced technological development.

* High medical standards manufacturing facilities.

* Wide range of solutions for any given treatment case.

* Time tested products and breakthrough innovations in one company.

* Focus on successful partnership conditions.

* Commitment and loyalty to every customer needs 24/7.

* OEM and on-demand production services.

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