DSI Extra Pure Eugenol Clove Oil...
DSI Extra Pure Eugenol Clove Oil...
DSI Extra Pure Eugenol Clove Oil...

DSI Extra Pure Eugenol Clove Oil Dressing Antiseptic Pain relief 50ml


DSI Eugenol Oil Extra-pure Eugenol Liquid 50 ml

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DSI Eugenol is made from a substance found in cloves. In addition to the distinct aroma of cloves, it is responsible for the numbness that clove oil can induce.
Eugenol is a non-irritating formula which suits the dental restoration purposes in several ways.

DSI Extra pure eugenol oil is used for the relief of dental pain and also to form sedative dentinal dressing when combined with zinc oxide.

Eugenol is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and analgesic properties.
Eugenol used in dentistry to deal with a toothache and pulpitis.

DSI Eugenol can be easy mixed with zinc oxide and form a cement for thermal insulation and temporary restoration.
Perfect momentary sealant and filling material for cavities after removing of carious dentine before permanent restoration.


Flawless cavity liner.
Perfect cavity liner under maximum restorative materials.
Used for temporary relief of limited dental pain.
Chemically pure with an increase of efficiency.
Forms uniform paste dependability when put together with Zinc Oxide.
Safe beyond the relatively rare allergy, as far as I know. It has a long tradition of use as an anaesthetic.
Forms a sedative dressing or lining under non-fused resin when put together with Zinc Oxide.

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Root Canal Treatment
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