Denu Crucible Coating Gold Precious...

Denu Crucible Coating Gold Precious Metal Alloy Casting Spray 420ml


Denu Crucible Coat Agent 420ml

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It is the most valuable item in any dental tech lab. This is absolutely a lifesaver when making a crown. The specially conducted liquid that will save time, money and nerves. 

Denu Crucible Coat Agent's main advantage is to cover the crucible and give you a resistant surface that will repel the precious metals, so they will not stick to the crucible and no material will go to waste. 

As an addition, it has an enhanced heat tolerance which will protect your crucible at once and will diminish the cracks and tears to a minimum. 

Last but not least this exceptional material will prevent the precious metals from evaporating, and will lift your practice to a new level of standard.

The Denu Crucible Coat Agent comes in a spray, that makes it very easy and useful for any procedure. Thanks to latest nano-particle spray technology it will cover your crucible with an ideal even coating.


  •     Great heat tolerance.
  •     Saves the precious material.
  •     Do not let the metal to evaporate.
  •     Easy to use comes in a spray.
  •     Clean and even coating.
  •     Extends the life of the crucible.
  •     Saves time and money.
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