Denu Die Spacer Red 50ml

Denu Die Spacer Red 50ml


Denu Die Spacer Red 50ml

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Application of paint-on die spacer is the most popular technique to provide space between the internal surfaces of a cast restoration and the prepared tooth surfaces to accommodate the cement used for bonding the restoration.

Using Denu Die Spacer brings considerable benefits. It decreases the hydraulic pressure between the restoration and cement, facilitates better seating of the restoration, reduces seating time, allows excess cement to escape. Moreover, extensive research has shown that die spacer by improving the marginal fit between the crown and the natural tooth surface reduces the risk of cement dissolution, recurrent decay, plaque accumulation, and periodontal issues.

The unrivaled combination of advanced technologies and rigorous quality control during the production makes the applied thickness of Denu Die Spacer highly accurate and precise. Carefully developed physical qualities ensure the ability of Denu Die Spacer to resist scratches and cracks, and to provide a consistent application that is easy to control.

Denu Die Spacer produces reliable results, fulfilling all technical requirements. 


  •     Uniform thickness
  •     Controlled application
  •     Resistant to chipping, flaking, cracking, peeling
  •     Outstanding quality
  •     One application - 3-5µ thick
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