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Denu Stone Separating Coating Stone Plaster Model Casting 500ml


Denu Stone Sep 500ml

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Denu Stone Sep is a high-performance synthetic separating agent designed especially for a dental tech lab.

A light coating cures in seconds and forms a highly repellent mold releasing finish. Can be sprayed or painted with a brush on any surface. Separating film is long-lasting and durable. 

Denu Stone Sep is an excellent stone to plaster separator. Used with impression materials to release stone and to create smooth models. Applied on impression trays to release alginate, on rubber base molds for a clean release of epoxy, polyurethanes, and stone. Also use for articulators, casting rings, and flasks for easy cleanup. 

Releases wax from dies and models. Releases thermoformed materials and splints from models. Will not alter dimensions of dies.

Eliminates scrubbing and scraping hardened impression and investment residues from sinks, trays, and bowls. Saves time, labor, and protects equipment. 


  •     Enables clear separation between stone or plaster.
  •     Models without generating impression during pin working.
  •     Seals stone or plaster pores completely and allows no build-up layer.
  •     The surface becomes hard, smooth, and waterproof.
  •     Saves time, money & equipment. 
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