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Denu Wax Spray Reduce Coating Film Furnace Ring 420ml


Denu Wax Agent Spray 

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Denu Wax Agent delivers a protective shield for wax castings. This spray reduces the surface tension and permits close surface adherence of investment. Eliminate voids and bubbles while pouring stone models. Denu Wax Agent is the most important stage prior to pouring die stones, in order to ensure a flawless even finish.

Denu Wax Agent spray can be used on any impression materials, including alginate, rubber base, and silicone, making it a valuable tool in any dental laboratory.


  •     Formulated for investment to flow evenly over the wax pattern.
  •     Eliminates bubbles and reduces the surface tension of waxes.
  •     Produces castings with a satin smooth finish.
  •     Enables extreme accurate shaping of metal alloys.
  •     Highly defined smooth casts.
  •     All gypsums and investments.
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